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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject C2 status
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2000 19:21:53 GMT
Hi all

Prior to go to vacation (which will begin as of today) I will give a
status of my work so far with the sitemap engine.

The C2 version as of today should work right out of the box. You can do
a 'build webapp' and deploy the resulting war file (under
build/cocoon/cocoon.war) into a servlet 2.2 engine like Tomcat. The
problem with the style.css file is solved with a reader which is also
capable to serv images as well. I've put these into the sample

There is a problem with Ant, which changes the images when they are
copied into the build webapp directory to build the war file. These
differ in size after Ant has copied them. If someone of you is also on
the Ant list could you ask there what the problem might be? I first
thought it could be because filter="on" in the copydir task but had no
luck. You should copy the images under samples/resource/images directly
to your cocoon servlet context by hand to have a perfect picture.

This version only lacks of the view capability (which I will do after my
vacation) and the map:param element functionality (which would change
the api of all SitemapComponents, I think). Everything else should work,
even the sub sitemaps as it was originaly proposed. There is one
functional Matcher so far (RegexpUriMatcher) but no Selector. There is a
ResourceReader to serve files directly (images, css files, etc.). The
conf/sitemap.xmap shows the use of these components. 

There is still a general error Generator missing, so don't expect
meaningfull error mesages (you have to check the logs if anything
fails). Any voluntees for this (Stefano once wrote a proposal for a
ErrorGenerator to this list)? It must be capable to accept a Exception
object instead of a Fileresource to produce xml to a pipeline (as a
normal Generator does).

Sean Timm will try to get Xalan 2.0 working with this release (trax). I
personaly had no luck with Xalan 2.0 transforming a sitemap to java code
using the stylesheet I've written 

I would ask you all to audit the new environment abstraction
(org/apache/cocon/environment...) and give or do

Well, I'm not absent during my first vacation week (this is the next
week) but I probably wouldn't work on anything. I will have fun with my
wife and my kids. I'm absent the week after and will have no electronic
toys around me. So be patient until I'm back or help yourself :)

Best wishes to all of you


PWR GmbH, Organisation & Entwicklung      Tel:   +41 (0)1 856 2202
Giacomo Pati, CTO/CEO                     Fax:   +41 (0)1 856 2201
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