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Subject [C2] Trying to build printer-docs
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 10:39:22 GMT
bash-2.03$ ./build.bat printer-docs

Cocoon Build System

Building with classpath c:\java\jdk1.3\lib\tools.jar;lib\ant.jar;lib\AvalonAware

Starting Ant...
Buildfile: build.xml
Project base dir set to: D:\projects\\xml-cocoon2
Executing Target: init
------------------- Cocoon 2.0a1 [1999-2000] ----------------
Executing Target: prepare-docs
Replacing ./xdocs/dtd/ --> dtd/
Replacing ./xdocs/dtd/ --> dtd/
Executing Target: printer-docs
Created dir: D:\projects\\xml-cocoon2\build\cocoon\printer-docs

[exec] [StyleBook] Overriding targetDirectory="./build/cocoon/printer-docs" (Old
[exec] [StyleBook] Caught Style File/Directory not found
[exec] Result: 1
Completed in 1 seconds

What is missing?

Maciek Kaminski

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