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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: FP is great!!!
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2000 21:36:01 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> At 22:08 +0200 21/07/00, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> >I finally had the time to look into Jeremy's FP stuff and, man, it's
> >great! I love it.
> Wow! Thanks for the compliment!
> I am really glad you got the time to try it out.

I must admit that Mark gets the credit for pushing me on this privately

(but I would have looked at it anyway)
> >Maybe not the final answer to the problem
> Agreed!
> > (we have a way to go on XML
> >web apps), but for sure something that Cocoon cannot affort not to have
> >included into the main distribution.
> Excellent!
> >So, this requires two actions:
> >
> >1) include FP inside Cocoon (which I already did :-) Jeremy, hope you
> >don't mind, but it's so great I couldn't wait an answer from you
> That's cool.
> OK, I can see how you have included it, thanks for re-jigging the project
> to fit and making those fixes.

It was a pleasure, litterarely.
> I would like to get some decisions on the following:
> Should the functionality of the FP TagLib stay where it is, or would it be
> better to integrate it into something like the UTIL TagLib?

let is rest there for now, nothing gets carved in stone, expecially in
> The reason I ask this is that I think of FP as a general purpose TagLib,
> not just tied to Forms Processing.

While I welcome your enthusiasm, I'd suggest we keep the focus and make
small steps.

> At this rate people are going to have a list of 20 or so XMLNS at the
> beginning of their XSP pages, would it be better to keep them separated or
> to integrate them?

We'll see when this happens.
> Also some advice on better handling errors, I don't think I have done this
> very well.

Suggestions will come, don't worry :)
> I have a long list of things I want to improve or add,
> I'll start a new thread ...
> Plus, I am beginning to find some bugs (shock horror :)

That's why I wanted commit access for you: so you fix your own "bug"
without "bugging" me. I just love English sometimes :)

> >2) propose Jeremy for commit access since I would like him to continue
> >maintaining that taglib.
> >
> >What do you say?
> Would "Yeeee Haaaa!" be appropriate under the circumstances :)
> You will have to tell me what happens next, plus I have never had commit
> access to a project like this before, and probably do not know how to do it
> properly :)

Mah, you'll learn fast, like everybody does.

For now, I'd suggest you to look into the
instructions on "what to do when you become an active developer"... I
wrote half of that article and I'd suggest you to download MindTerm as
the SSH client (is written in Java) and MacCVS (which should work on
your Mac).
> >Oh, Jeremy, BTW, it would be -very- nice if you could provide a little
> >FP-howto using the Cocoon Document DTD.... otherwise you'll have to
> >answer a million answers from potential FP users, I think it's in your
> >own interest to avoid that ;-)
> Will do.
> Thank you

Thank you.

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