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From Alex Muc <>
Subject Re: Bug? Weird redirect behavior
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 08:14:10 GMT

Just a little more info.  I think your problem was the same as mine as like you
say it only ever manifested itself on Internet Explorer, but never with
Netscape.  I never ran tests outside of our local network so I can corroborate
the rest of what you say, but everything else appears the same.

Alex wrote:

> Hello again,
> the case is now closed from my perspective. I changed the
> virtual host to
> simply redirect to and ran Tomcat separately listening to
> that port.
> This way Apache isn't delegating the request, and the problem doesn't crop
> up. This
> seems to imply that the problem has something to do with the Apache jserv
> module.
> Maybe Alex's workaround is what I should have done, but I'm rid of the
> problem now,
> and hence content!
> Oddly, the problem manifested itself only in Internet Explorer, not in
> Netscape Navigator,
> and then only on browsers external to our local network, and only on _some_
> of those.
> Others had no problems despite running the exact same version of Internet
> Explorer.
> Thanks for the feedback!
>      - Gulli

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