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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: C2: Relative URLs in output vs. <sitemap>
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 07:55:08 GMT
Stuart Roebuck wrote:
> I've been looking at the <sitemap> and considering issues relating to
> Cocoon 2 based websites.  One big issue that I can't see an obvious
> solution to (but that doesn't mean there isn't one :-) ) relates to the
> <transformer> based generation of relative links to web based resources
> from pages which can be mapped into different spaces in resulting site
> hierarchy.

> e.g. {
> You create a site using Cocoon 2.

Ok, I already like this :)
> You put your standard image files in a subdirectory called "images".

Fair enough.
> You start with an index page "index.html" at the root of your site.

why? do people enter your side by typing

or they do directly

Do not underestimate the impact of such decision: using a "default file
for indexes" is a hack that Apache turned into a design patter. But it's
still a hack. A pretty big one as well!

To me, something like

is a much better entry point. And

will be called if the user wants to "force" you to return HTML (and only
that!) to him/her.
> You auto-generate standard parts of each page using a transform which,
> amongst other things, creates relative links to a background image used on
> every page.  The relative link to this image is "images/background.gif".
> As the site expands, you add extra pages, including some news pages,
> generated by some files called "news/*.xml" and mapped to and called,
> "somenews.html" and "someothernews.html" (at the root directory).
> Everything works fine.

[I know this was not your point and I'm being annoyinly picky, but URI
space design is really important] 

Same as above: you should not use extentions in your URI space unless
you "really" mean it.
> Then you decide you need to organise things better because you've got all
> your pages mapped onto the root directory and run into potential name
> conflicts, so you change the <sitemap> and map your news pages onto
> "news/*.html".
> Suddenly, all your backgrounds disappear, because the links to the
> background are added by a single XSLT transformer that doesn't know that
> the absolute address of the pages it is transforming are different.
> As far as I am aware, you can't do the checking you would need to fix this
> because it would use XSP which is a generator not a transformer.

Have you thought about using sitemap internal redirection capabilities?

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