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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Current C2 URL map bug to keep an eye on
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:08:02 GMT
When using the current version of Cocoon2, and trying to match the root
of the context, Cocoon can't find the resource.

In other words, when I try to access the url:

I can't get Cocoon to match the root and return a resource.  I have tried
matching the uri to "" which returns null, and tried to match the uri to
"/" which will match to, but with other anomalies (not
all images downloaded correctly).

I realize that things are changing currently, but it is something we need
to keep an eye on.

Is there a way to retrieve a default document in the current implementation?

Anyhow, it's development software, but it is the only thing that is keeping
a successful demo for what it can do for my company.  Our whole site would
be able to be created with one stylesheet.

The only other issue I have has to do with the servlet engine, not Cocoon
(I can't get Flash to download correctly--finally got it going for Netscape,
but not for Internet Exploder).

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