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From Jon Lancelle <>
Subject Re: CVS, parsers, permissions, builds, and around and around...
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 23:17:51 GMT

I placed all but the sdk under my development user id, and it works much better! Thanks for

I still get a series of the following warnings (mostly this one, and all refering to
org.xml.sax...) when building cocoon2. Any ideas? Do I still need xml.jar in the classpath?
Am I
just seeing the actual daily nuances open source development goes through?

"DocumentHandlerAdapter is not deprecated, but overrides a deprecated method of the same signature
declared in interface org.xml.sax.DocumentHandler"

Jon Lancelle

Giacomo Pati wrote:

> --- Jon Lancelle <> wrote:
> > Just spent three days figuring out I had to be logged in as root on my
> > Linux box to get things to compile properly.
> >
> > If not logged on as root, as in my case, certain classes can't be found.
> > Any ideas? Does it have to do with the haphazard way I install packages?
> > I have java installed as root being the owner, as well as the
> > permissions of all the build directories I am using. But have installed
> > the actual cvs source directories under another user.
> >
> > Perhaps this message belongs in a Java usage mailing list, but since I
> > just had to have a look at Cocoon 2, I haven't the time to go anywhere
> > else...
> >
> > Thanks for any suggestions.
> I do development on the Cocoon2 project on Linux boxes. Never had any problems compiling
it. The
> JDK I've installed as root but everything else (I mean al the packages and cvs trees)
> installed under a normal user. It just works pretty well.
> Giacomo
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