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From Jon Lancelle <>
Subject Re: Sitemap class generation
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2000 17:35:28 GMT
Is the sitemap class available in the latest cvs distribution? I'd like to
check out the progress. Sounds interesting.

Jon Lancelle

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Rob Parker wrote:
> >
> > May I ask what the motivation/advantage is of a generated sitemap
> > class over a generic class consisting of say hashtables which reads
> > the configuration file?
> Of course, you may :)
> Reminds me of the good old "do you know what time is it? yes, I do." :)
> Seriously, there are mainly two reasons:
> 1) removed interpretation overhead: a compiled sitemap is "executed"
> rather than interpreted. There may be cases where the sitemap may be
> compiled into some interpreting code to take advantage of hotspot
> facilities, but these are future optimizations. In general, given the
> overall complexity a sitemap can achieve, a run-time interpretation may
> add significant overhead for resource creations and invalidate the whole
> point of context separation.
> 2) reduced development effort: a sitemap logicsheet is not easy to
> write, but a lot easier than XML interpreting code, as XSP teaches. But
> the real advantage is code maintenance: adding a new sitemap schema is
> equivalent to creating an XSLT stylesheet between the new schema and the
> old sitemap logicsheet. Having such architecture in place allows more
> flexibility without loosing any performance nor increased coding
> complexity.
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