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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Hmm...TopicMaps
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 10:04:45 GMT
"N. Sean Timm" wrote:

> Can't recall anyone mentioning this site before, but I just ran across it
> tonight, and it seemed interesting.  Of course, I'm too tired to read more
> than the general overview, and I'm definitely too tired to have any idea
> what they're talking about, but it looks interesting, nonetheless. :) Just
> thought I'd toss it out here for the sake of creativity/inspiration (not me,
> though...I'm going to bed!)...

Also a bit confused, but I presume it is another "semantic web".
But I honestly have problem to apply these concept to the 'cruel world', in
which we live.

The example given in\tmcartography.xml

(how about that for a maintainable URL?? Would it be reasonable easy to
maintain this in the C2 Sitemap, one wonder?)

the thing with the Jones' Family, things are pretty trivial, and as they point
out a lot of inference is involved.
#CLARE is a #SISTER in the #SIBLINGS context.
#CLARE is a #DAUGHTER in the #FAMILY context.

Fine, but does that actually tell me anything? Or am I just worrying about the
chicken/egg problem?
And what about resources less distinct in the association? I don't believe in
absolute things, I am not a digital guy, I am analog in my mind set. And the
example is very digital, most things are not. In fact, the above model would
get serious problems in todays world, where families are sometimes very
complex, and where you have to differentiate between Biological son, adopted
son and son of wife, perhaps more. And worst come to worst, like my own family,
where adoption occur within the family. (My mom was born by her sister for
instance, and her brother is also her cousin, and another sister's son)
But, perhaps only a mind-rotation is necessary and everything becomes as clear
as a gin tonic.


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