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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: AW: Cocoon Configuration Thoughts
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 12:34:54 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> > Anyways, what would
> > be the purpose of a dynamically reconfigured Cocoon?  It is a
> > "cool" feature,
> > but once a site has been built and configured, it really shouldn't change.
> > What about having multiple instances in different Contexts?  One for each
> > version of Cocoon you need.
> We have customers were the site MUST run 52x7x24. As the site is always
> extended and enhenced, there is the need for updating the configuration
> without stopping the site, even if this would be a short period.
> On the other hand we are planning to configure more than currently the
> covers, e.g. some configuration for processors etc. And
> this information could change more often.

You should also keep in mind that is going away in Cocoon2,
which will be replaced by cocoon.xconf.  What this means that until that is
released, dynamic configurations are going to be a pain.

Considering what the file configures, I am having trouble
thinking what should be added/removed/etc.  In a site like yours, I would
leave everything active, and if you need it you use it.

As for your custom Producers (which will become Generators in Cocoon2), I would
use another mechanism besides the file to store your
configuration information.  If you want the properties file format, then I
suggest you keep that information separate and create a FileMonitor class
that monitors the file in case it is ever changed.  Once it detects a change,
it should repolulate the Properties object that you should already be referencing
with the updates (only after it is completely read).  If you have your Properties
object declared Static, then all of your instances of Producer will be reading
the same information.

This is a case where Caching the information in your instance can lead to a
situtation you don't want.

Hope this helps

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