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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: TagLib Questions
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 11:35:43 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> Dea All,
> If I could just drag your minds away from C2 for a moment .....

hmmm, ok. :)
> I am writing a TagLib, to donate to the Cocoon Project (as seen on
> Cocoon-Users).
> It is tentatively called XFP (eXtensible Form Processor).

Hmmmm, nah, too similar to XSP... too hard to pronounce somethign like
"XFP for XSP"... let's try to come up with something better.

> I currently use this NameSpace:
>         xmlns:xfp=""
> Should I change this to an Apache NameSpace, if so, what?

current namespaces have the form[year]/XSP/[taglib]

but C2 will change the above into[taglib]/[version]

> I would rather not have to change this _after_ release ......

So use the second one.
> My packages are currently:
> Should I change these to Apache , if so, what?

hmmm, good question.

currently there is no location for taglibs and logicsheets but I'd like
to create one

Ricardo, any suggestion?
> I have a problem with Xerces that stops me implementing XSchemas for field
> validation. The idea is that you put a reference to a Schema in your source
> file,
> XFPTagLib would use a RevalidatingDOMParser to parse resources, allowing
> them to be revalidated once modified. To implement this I need
> Xerces_1_1_2, which does not currently appear to work with C1.7.5-dev.

Why not? What's the problem?
> Has anyone any clues on getting the new Xerces running on C1?

No, haven't tried that yet.
> During the course of it's execution, XFPTagLib creates it's own DOMParsers,
> OutputFormat and SerializerFactory.
> I'd like to get these Objects in the most efficient way, hopefully preset
> according to for the types of XML I am dealing with.
> How can the library classes of a TagLib do this?

Sorry, I'm not sure I get your question.

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