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From Jon Lancelle <>
Subject Re: Cocoon process type XSP and XSLT
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 18:05:47 GMT
I have been reading through the docs (finally) and noticed the specs on
xsp. Looks like the way to go. Just need a bit more time on the learning

In the past, my style has been to create one servlet which handles all of
the suceeding re-submits to the server in order to complete the
interactive exchange of useful data desired by the client (poetic!). I am
still trying to figure out how to achieve the same using the Cocoon
processing taglibs via XML/XSLT and XPath.

My thinking at the moment is more than one XML file may be needed to
finish up a session with the client which used to be handled by one cgi
script or servlet.

Thanks for the input.

Jon Lancelle

Donald Ball wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Jul 2000, Jon Lancelle wrote:
> > Can I use the Cocoon process type SQL within an XSL stylesheet?
> nope - but you may be able to use xalan extension functions to achieve
> your goals.
> - donald
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