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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] resource views, error handling, pipeline debugging
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2000 12:56:43 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> >3 choices;
> >a)  Extension to the path.
> >b) cocoon-view parameter
> >c) any parameter indicated by a configuration property.
> >
> >I vote for b.
> I've always preferred option (a).
> I find query parameters aesthetically displeasing, particularly on public URLs.
> Keep query params for when there is really no other option IMHO.

I generally share your vision on this, but here is different.

We must introduce the notion of cocoon views, while the general idea of
"views" is not enforced by Cocoon but it's up to you (like for your
"noise"), cocoon-view are special views that are enforced by the sitemap

For example, soppose you have


then you do


and so on. These are "functional views" of the same resource, but may
not apply to any other resource inside your URI space. So you must using
normal matching in the sitemap to achieve this (thru different XSLT or
reading different files... up to you).

Very different is the situation where you want, for example, to crawl a
site using XLink information. You _MUST_ know how to access that
hyperlink view, it must be a standard way of doing this.

So, you could try

but then you might end up with name conflicts (having one of your
inherited sitemaps that matches this very URI and overloads this view
capabilities). Something like this would totally break the crawling
experience and leave parts of the site unexplorable.

We could try to use sort-of namespaces for URI fragments so


but this is nothing better than


or less verbose (assuming view names are single words)

Even if the syntax is very similar


the two notions are completely different. Parameters seem to me more
"orthogonal" to the URI space, but admittedly this is a very subjective

Any comment or suggestion on how to encode view inside HTTP URIs?

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