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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Sitemap mount concerns
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 06:53:42 GMT
Hi all

Maybe I've bothered you too much with implementational detail. Please
forget my previous mail and respond to this instead.

Let step back to a conceptional view of the sitemap. What fits best
your needs concerning mounts of sub sitemaps. This

    <map:match pattern="dist/*">
     <map:mount src="./dist/{1}"/>
    <map:match pattern="bugs/*">
     <map:mount src="jar://apps/bugs.cocoon#{1}"/>


   <map:mount uri="dist/cocoon" src="./dist/cocoon"
   <map:mount uri="dist/xalan" src="./dist/xalan" reload-check="yes"/>
   <map:mount uri="dist/foobar" src="./dist/foobar"
   <map:mount uri="bugs/cocoon" src="jar://apps/bugs.cocoon"/>

The first examples gives the freedom to spread the mount elements all
over the pipelines and have the uri which they are mounted on
wildcarded (this means you don't really know where they are mounted

The second example removes the mount element from the pipelines and
have them centralized in one place in the sitemap. You also exactly see
where they are mounted on.

I don't see the need for the flexibility the first example gives. The
second example reduces verbosity of the pipeline and separates the
concern of mounting to a central place in the sitemap.

I will suggest using the second example.

And you?


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