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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: CVS, parsers, permissions, builds, and around and around...
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 06:43:59 GMT

--- Jon Lancelle <> wrote:
> Giacomo,
> I placed all but the sdk under my development user id, and it works much better! Thanks
for the
> tip.
> I still get a series of the following warnings (mostly this one, and all refering to
> org.xml.sax...) when building cocoon2. Any ideas? Do I still need xml.jar in the classpath?
Am I
> just seeing the actual daily nuances open source development goes through?
> "DocumentHandlerAdapter is not deprecated, but overrides a deprecated method of the same
> signature
> declared in interface org.xml.sax.DocumentHandler"

There are lot of deprecated methods in the current code base. We turnd deprecation messages
on in
the build.xml to be remembered that there is still work to do :). The comunity has decided
to go
the SAX Level 2 way and not supporting any Level 1 stuff anymore. If you find the messages
annoying turn deprecation off (in the build.xml file).


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