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From Paul Russell <>
Subject [C2] StatusGenerator
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 15:04:42 GMT
Hi guys,

Attatched is an *incredibly* early version of the StatusGenerator
I was fiddling with yesterday evening. At the moment all it's
doing is extracting info from the java environment - we need
some hooks into the rest of the cocoon architecture to get
statistics etc. from the engine. I'm lobbing this code in early
because (a) I'm 'a bit busy' at the moment (as you've probably
noticed from my extended silences ATM) and (b) I think this is
*just* the kind of thing that people might like to play with as
a gentle introduction to the codebase.


 1) How should we go about extracting performance/operating
    statistics from Cocoon? Two possibilities occour:

    * Write a filter that gathers statistics from the pages
      as they are served (number of 'hits', time taken to
      serve each page, that kind of thing).

      This would have a configuration overhead, as you'd have
      to place the filter in the Sitemap for all the sections
      you wanted to monitor..

      ..on the other hand it would allow separate statistics
      for different 'zones' of the site, and you could use a
      conditional sitemap to turn off statistics if the server
      was too busy.

    * Provide hooks into the Cocoon class itself.

      Less config overhead, but less flexible, and always
      carries the runtime overhead whether the statistics
      are wanted or not.

  2) Anyone got any bright ideas how you can measure the load
     on a host from within Java? I can't think of any platform
     independant way...

Thoughts? Comments?

Paul Russell                               <>
Technical Director,         
Luminas Ltd.

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