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From "Lacerda, Wellington (AFIS)" <>
Subject New to C2
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 08:18:53 GMT

I was developing a number of cocoon1 based apps and want know about C2:

-	As I saw, the main structural change is to turn it SAX oriented
-	In that model, a sitemap provides a description of a C2 process,
declaring its generators, transformers and serializers. These are meant to
replace the reactor model's producers, processors and formatters I believe.
-	In this new model, instead of supplying a Document or a Stream the
generator triggers events directly from its transformer and so on ? This was
what I understood from the code.
-	What is the intended schedule for C2 ?
-	What is the future of C1 ? Will it be a stable, production variant
(based on the reactor pattern etc), though frozen, something like Java 1.1
to Java 2/3 ?
-	What is the intended migration path from C1 to C2 ? (or is it
"forget about and start it over again") ?

Wellington Silva
UN/FAO - Rome 

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