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From "N. Sean Timm" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Sitemap Draft - Misc. fixes and preliminary schema
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 04:14:03 GMT
"Niclas Hedhman" <> wrote:
> > I've included a diff inline for some changes to the sitemap draft
> > One of the changes involved declaring namespaces for all of the
> > for each component.  This was rather annoying (to me), and I think I'd
> > personally rather see something along the lines of <param name="foo"
> > value="bar"/>, but maybe there is a good reason for why it is the way it
> The <serializeparams> and <svgparams>
> -1.
> The map: namespace for the attributes (I believe) is for making the
> between;
> <doc-type map:value="bac.dtd" />
> and
> <doc-type>bac.dtd</doc-type>
But any custom transformer or serializer you write that isn't part of the
base Cocoon distribution won't be a part of the map namespace.  Why should
the ones that come with Cocoon be any different?  I don't like the idea that
those parameters can reside in the map namespace while others have to be
separate.  It just doesn't seem right...anyway, with the examples in the
sitemap draft, they weren't in the map namespace (the values were, but not
the parameter name).
> One might argue that this is necessary or even recommendable (introduction
> more complexity).
If you're going to have a <doc-type> node, I think it either needs to reside
in some sort of parameter namespace (which seems messy), or you should have
to specify it like the following:

<map:param name="doc-type" map:value="bac.dtd"/>
<map:param name="doc-type">bac.dtd</map:param>

- Sean T.

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