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From "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
Subject Re: [C2] Package names
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 20:01:35 GMT
From: "Jeremy Quinn" <>
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 11:13 AM

> At 15:50 +0200 09/07/00, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> >Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> >> Now, if only Java was based on British rather than American English ;-)
> >>
> >>         I keep writing, Serialise, Colour etc. Ugh!
> >
> >"Colour" is a french-ism anyway :)
> Ha! This is weird, just looked it up
> "Old French" - color
> Latin - color , -oris, akin to celare, to cover, to conceal.
> >[Interesting to think british didn't have a notion of colors strong
> >enough to survive the french cultural influence]
> English is only a mutated mixture of different languages, not only a
> mixture of vocabulary and spelling rules but of grammar as well. All the
> Latin languages, Saxon, Nordic, Gaelic, then there's more recent ones like
> Hindi etc.
> There are often several words for one meaning, a polite one from the French
> because that is what the Norman aristocracy spoke, a rough word from the
> Saxon because that is what the people spoke.
> >After all these years, I still don't understand how you people can stand
> >a language where there are no spelling rules. Words like "enough" drive
> >my rational mind insane.
> I did not get a choice in the matter :)
> Italy used to have many separate languages too right?
> Only to be unified (rationalised?) under Spanish conquest?
> Our conquerors only muddied the waters :)
> >Know what? probably there are so many non-anglo-saxons around XML
> >because of this: we feel the lack of language validation rules probably
> >much more than you do. :)
> Ha Ha! You think Engish is fuzzy, how well do you know Japanese?

Funny for me you brought up Japanese. I lived 5 year in Tokyo when
I was 5-10, and I went to an International American school.
So I know all three, English, Japanese and Italian and guess what...
none of them are fuzzy to me!
All languages are nice if you learned them (and spoke them) as a kid,
I suppose.
I learned German later and guess what again... it's a bit fuzzy! :-))

Btw, let's hope this thing doesn't get too interesting, there are other
languages awaiting... :-)


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