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From "N. Sean Timm" <>
Subject Re: Building Cocoon 2 - warnings, exceptions and errors
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 12:11:20 GMT
Jon Lancelle wrote:
>Should the classpath of a Cocoon2 build include jaxp.jar, parser.jar, or
You can use any JAXP-compliant parser (such as the latest build of Xerces
which is included in the C2/lib directory), or you can use jaxp.jar and
parser.jar (Sun's implementation).  I'd suggest getting rid of xml.jar from
as many places as possible.  :)

>These  are a few noted anomilies when attempting to get Cocoon 2 latest cvs
download running on a Pentium III running Redhat 6.2 with latest Tomcat

>* Can't build docs.

I'm having problems with this, too.  There were some problems with the
sitemap.xml file which I'll include as a patch in a separate message, but
they still don't seem to build I'm getting a duplicate
resource error on sitemap-header.jpg (which I can't seem to find a reference
to anywhere).

>* Keep getting warnings regarding deprecated methods, mostly involving
org.xml.sax... classes when doing the actual build of cocoon.jar

These are SAX1 methods that have been deprecated in SAX2.  I believe someone
was working on getting these out of the code (and did for the most part),
but it looks like FO2PDFSerializer and XalanTransformer still require the
use of the DocumentHandlerWrapper (a wrapper that makes SAX1 look like

>* When trying to access *.xml pages, get this: - java.lang.IllegalAccessException:

Not sure on this one...

- Sean T.

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