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> > > > Here you need to know that is performed by adding a > > "Location" header to the HTTP response. I'm pretty sure my girlfriend > > doesn't know that :) (nor she wants to learn it) > > > > This is way too low level. > > It also assumes HTTP. In offline mode the redirect should be transparent, > and there are many other protocols which may be connected to Cocoon in the > future. > > I'm still not convinced by allowing all matching to be specified (opposed to > forcing the first match to be the uri). I'm going to ponder today... > > > My first comment (I want others to take on this before I influence their > > judgement too much) is a quiz: > > > > The above example has a big mistake. Where is it? > > The matching on /*.xml has no serializer, it assumes the stylesheet is the > same name as the source (weird, allpages should really use the same markup). Good job, this is the one I was thinking about. Another exercise for you brillian people: take a simpl XSLT stylesheet and try to "proceduralize" it. This is almost the same pattern that is being proposed here. Let's see what you guys come up with. -- Stefano Mazzocchi One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. Friedrich Nietzsche ----------------------------------X-Mozilla-Status: 0009------------ Missed us in Orlando? Make it up with ApacheCON Europe in London! ------------------------- http://ApacheCon.Com ---------------------