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> > Here you need to know that is performed by adding a > "Location" header to the HTTP response. I'm pretty sure my girlfriend > doesn't know that :) (nor she wants to learn it) > > This is way too low level. It also assumes HTTP. In offline mode the redirect should be transparent, and there are many other protocols which may be connected to Cocoon in the future. I'm still not convinced by allowing all matching to be specified (opposed to forcing the first match to be the uri). I'm going to ponder today... > My first comment (I want others to take on this before I influence their > judgement too much) is a quiz: > > The above example has a big mistake. Where is it? The matching on /*.xml has no serializer, it assumes the stylesheet is the same name as the source (weird, allpages should really use the same markup). In the /directory matcher: how do you generate SQL from a XML file (well, there is Castor). If somebody enteres directory.xml they will also hit the above matcher. In the default matcher, the serialize tag is in a weird location. I probably missed the one you were thinking of though! Ross