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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Comments on Resource Management in C2
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2000 08:56:21 GMT
At 11:19 +0100 09/06/00, Ross Burton wrote:
>> > ADSL?  This will be interesting: how much do you pay, what is the
>> > and how many users are there per "network".
>> Pay? nothing :) I'm famous enough to go around asking "is there anyone
>> who wants to pay me an ADSL line?" and actually get it...
>> No, serious, it's part of a deal with an italian startup I'm advising
>> for, so they are giving me for free an ADSL line. But I would cost me
>> about 80$/month for 640Kbit, static IP (I hope!).
>Pah!  BT are offering 512KB (I think, it's probably less though) for 80 a
>month, IIRC.  Damn - wrong country!

I was temporarily on BT's Demon ADSL trial. They made an astonishing mess
of it.
Plus, worst of all, you cannot receive ANY kind of incoming request, no
serving, no voice over IP, most chat does not work etc etc. Boy oh boy, are
BT scared :)


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