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From Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
Subject Re: Offer to help on Cocoon documentation
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2000 00:43:34 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi <> writes:

[ reasons why to use DocBook for docs ]

> 3) we have HTML and FO stylesheets (Norman's)

Norm's stylesheet are designed to handle every case you can think of,
so they are quite complex. The Docbook DTD is not that simple as well
and has to be parsed for default attribute values. So the XSLT takes
some time (and memory).

Last time I tried to use Norm's XSL HTML stylesheets, cocoon took
about 20 seconds (and 20MB) for a HTML page to be delivered - a "book"
containing little more thana title, a dummy preface comprising 10
words and a chapter containing 3 dummy FAQs with answers. (Docbk XML
3.1.something, Apache 1.3.12, JServ 1.1, Cocoon 1.7.4, K6-2 300MHz,

So it appears you either have to use offline generation, heavy caching
or heavy machines for DocBook.

I tried official Docbook XML 4.0 and Norm's newer XSL stylesheets
about a week ago - but Xerces/Xalan didn't want to parse
something (stopped somewhere in Line fourthousandsomething). I can't
remember just now. I can test it again within the next few days - if
none of you is faster.


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