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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject awful list archive
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 15:35:12 GMT
I've mailed about this and got no reply...

The list archive is just awful. Its one page dating back to Nov 1999. I
didn't count the messages, but its a _lot_. Netscape reports over a Meg
download just for the message list.

Why do I care? Well occasionally I browse the list because my AxKit
product also contains an XSP processor, and I'm interested in any issues
with it. But its becoming a pain in the ass to wait for 1M to download
and render just to catch up on the last few messages.

Of course the main cocoon web pages aren't a huge amount better, at 172kB
or something for just the home page...

I'd like to see this sorted out - is there any hope?


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