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From Donald Ball <>
Subject sitemap draft still needs work in the matcher/chooser area
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2000 16:32:36 GMT
Welp, I had a few minutes last night to poke around cocoon2. Daunted by
the size of the sitemap coding task ahead of us, I nonetheless decided to
start writing some code. I decided to tackle the matcher components, since
they're well-defined and straightforward, and Stefano and I had a huge
disagreement about them a couple of weeks ago. What better way to enforce
my world view than to be the implementor? No one argues with working code

Anyway, I just checked in the smidgen of code I wrote (Stefano, bless his
heart, _just_ changed the name from matcher to chooser in the sitemap
draft). However, it doesn't do much since I'm not sure how to address a
couple of issues yet:

1. where should do site or directory-specific configuration of components?
take the AuthenticationMatcher, for instance. An obvious implementation
would be the FileAuthenticationMatcher. How do I know where to look for
the file? The only place in the current sitemap draft where I'm allowed to
configure matchers in in the declaration of components block - but suppose
I want to have different files for different directories?

2. exactly how is the choose/when stuff supposed to work? i see that the
type attribute of the choose tag indicates which chooser is assigned to
test the condition, but what happens then? should the chooser API look
something like this:

boolean choose(Request request, String test);

where test is the value of the test attribute of the when element? what
form are the test expressions allowed to take? they look an awful lot like
XPath expressions to me... :)

- donald

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