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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <>
Subject Re: Xerces 1.1.2 release announcement
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 20:25:07 GMT
Please make a note about the DOS (and I assume Unix) filenames no longer
working... input must be a valid URL.  This will effect the next release of


----- Forwarded by Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus on 06/25/2000 04:23 PM -----
                    Rodriguez"             To:,,
          >             cc:     (bcc: Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus)        
                                           Subject:     Xerces 1.1.2 release announcement
                    01:37 AM                                                             
                    Please respond                                                       
                    to xalan-dev                                                         

Xerces 1.1.2 release is available.

It is downloadable from :

Here are some of the new features in Xerces-J:

-Additional support for W3C XML Schema Language.
-DOS filenames no longer work. See Common Problems section of the FAQ.
For the latter look here:

This release is posted with June 21 date, and here is the release content:

-Added "any" element content support for Schema.
-Fixed adjacent text nodes bug in deferred DOM.
-Fixed namespace URI bug in deferred DOM.
-Fixed null document type node bug.
-Fixed StringReader index out of bounds exception bug.
-Turned on namespace support in all parsers, by default.
-Added feature to allow Schema support to be turned off.
-Fixed SAX2 DeclHandler, LexicalHandler callbacks.
-Fixed DOM  Java serialization bug.
-Fixed datatype enumeration bugs.
-Fixed datatype pattern bugs.
-Fixed datatype min/maxLength bug.
-Modified samples to include additional switches.
-Fixed lexical comparison for string/qname datatypes.
-Added regular expression character class subtraction.
-Fixed regular expression bugs.
-Added URI class.
-Fixed import/include Schema bug.
-Fixed lots of Schema bug.

Big thanks to Paul Eng for his URI class contribution.

Thanks to you all for your contributions, participation and interest in the

Xerces-j project.

                 Jeffrey Rodriguez
                 XML Development
                 IBM Cupertino

- For those of you using PGP signature (sig files) you can find my key
by searching for Key was created 06/05/2000.
It's key size is 4096/1024.

- If you are building source distribution in Linux ( or other Unix
systems) you may get an exception in the stylebook jar while
building the documentation. This is a know bug and it will be fixed in the
next release 1.1.3. The work around is to re execute make so your build

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