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From Andy Lewis <>
Subject RE: Thoughts on a data-driven web site
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 21:16:11 GMT
That ROCKS!!! I missed that bit amidst the various threads.


Is there any intent to implement those two missing details? Or interest in
including them if written?

Andy Lewis

"The heights of genius are only measurable by the depths of stupidity."

		-----Original Message-----
		From:	Ricardo Rocha []
		Sent:	Wednesday, June 21, 2000 5:05 PM
		Subject:	Re: Thoughts on a data-driven web site

		Some postings in this thread mention the convenience of
		able to use XSP to generate filters. Convenient or not, it
		possible. Please see my posting on "XSP Changes and Fixes".

		> Last, but not least, the XSP code-generation engine may
used to
		> generate different types of XML processors: generators,
		> etc.
		> Currently, only generators are supported. This is _not_
		> into the code generation engine, though! Implementing a
		> code generator, for instance, is simply a matter of
writing the
		> appropriate pair: a generic filter handler and a last-step
		> logicsheet.

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