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From Paul Lamb <>
Subject RE: C2/Avalon Integration
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 22:15:37 GMT
If possible could directions for CVS access (pserver and password) to Avalon
be put on the website. I couldn't get read-only access to work yesterday,
when I tried to pull it. Probably just user error.

Paul Lamb
> The C2 architectural classes have been successfully integrated
> with Avalon (CVS), when Avalon is re-organized into it's final
> package heirarchy, it will be ready for integration with C2.
> The required jar (actual name may change) will be AvalonAware.jar.
> Any changes and updates to the architectural pieces will need
> to be made in the Avalon CVS tree once C2 has been made Avalon-
> Aware(tm).  I beleive that the AvalonAware.jar package will
> include a logger (actually two), a persistant store and a
> dynamic store implementation.
> In the interest of making everyone's lives easier, some JavaDoc
> Comments have been incorporated into Avalon CVS.  It should be
> a more friendly system in the near future.
> I am waiting on some clarification from the project maintainer
> before I start working on changes--I should probably be able to
> start on it sometime tomorrow.

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