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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: awful list archive
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:00:34 GMT
on 2000/06/22 11:40, Stefano Mazzocchi at wrote:

> So, just add your comments to the _HUGE_ todo list for locus and wait on
> the line.... or propose an alternative suggestion for those things.

Thankfully every message ever sent to these lists has been archived already
by EZMLM. It's just a matter of viewing it. This *is* underway. Yes, we
could use it yesterday, but...

> Matt, I'm very sorry for this... but this is not something I can fix
> :(((( Expecially since Brian is waiting for Tigris to happen (and it's
> more or less two years we are waiting for that damn thing to finish....)

Check out -- that's Tigris. And you'll notice that browseable
mail archives are there. There are still some rough edges on Tigris
(NetBeans is a bigger workout than its gotten before I think) and the Collab
guys are working fast to address those issues. Soon, very soon I'll be
comfortable lobbying to move Apache to Tigris so that we can pick up all
these things. But for the time being I've been happy to let NetBeans show
the rough spots and not have had to live through those here on Apache.


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