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From Mark Washeim <>
Subject Re: What are the XSP design goals?
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2000 09:34:58 GMT
on 2/6/00 8:35 pm, Berin Loritsch at wrote:

>> If we aim for Java 1.2 and Servlet 2.2 everything becomes incredibly
>> simple and all stupid hacks go away.
>> So, what the hell, I propose we take this direction.
> +2000 on that !)
>> Note for the *BSD folks: lowering the fever doesn't automatically cure
>> the disease.
> +1 on that.

Just posting a reminder. It's not a question of catch up. Last I checked,
sun was refusing the BSD camp the same relatively generous license that
obtains for Linux. Hence, it's not as if we're 'permitted' to catch up....

Mark (Poetaster) Washeim

'On the linen wrappings of certain mummified remains
found near the Etrurian coast are invaluable writings
that await translation.

Quem colorem habet sapientia?'

Evan S. Connell


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