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Subject Re: Manipulating SVGs
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 19:25:00 GMT

Ross Burton wrote:
> What I need is a mixture of the two.  This is where my mad idea came
> in - JavaScript.  If one of the parameters on my SVGFilter was a
> "execute" parameter, the value of which was Javascript code, I could
> use Mozilla Rhino to execute this code.  If I give the JavaScript
> engine access to a SVG document and the Request object, arbitary
> and complex JavaScript could be written to modify the document, create
> new elements and change text to create dynamic images (similar to
> Flash Generator).

Silly question to start off with: are you sure that what you want to do you
can't do with XSLT?

"Arbitrary and complex JavaScript" is not all that far from "Arbitrary and
complex Java".  In short, a custom filter.

It would seem to me that 'transformation to the root element (such as
"rotate(90) scale(2)"' would be trivial in XSLT.

Perhaps what you really are after is the ability to define stylesheets
inline to the sitemap?

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  If you do go after a scripting language, why pick one?  Go for them
all:!  I got final approval to open
source the project just before I left for JavaOne, and haven't had enough
time to put up the CVS tree.

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