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From Ian Abbott <>
Subject Re: [RT] resource views, error handling, pipeline debugging
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 16:34:37 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> [snip]
> Resource views
> --------------
> A "view" is a different way to look at a resource. In fact, the above
> metapipeline is a different way to look at the resource generated by the
> pipeline.
> Another possible view is the load statistics for that resource.
> Another possible view is the semantic model contained in the resource.
> Another one is the xlink information.
> And so on...
> I'm sure there will be many others in the future.
> [snip]
>  http://myhost/complex-semancics/hello
> will return the "hello" resource as HTML, while
>  http://myhost/complex-semantics/hello?cocoon:view="semantic"
> will return the "hello" resource as XML page with xlink and RDF
> information. (the example is stupid, please interpolate a little by
> yourself).

With user authentication somewhere in the sitemap, could this be the
basis for a Content Management System, with "reader" (default), "author"
and "editor" views? We're still needing some kind of XML Schema / XML
editing system, but this could possibly be the way into editing the
documents, and also allow editing via different mechanisms (e.g. by
WAP/lightweight-clients off-site, or heavy-duty browsers on-site).

This is something I'd really love here, as I'd like our VFX producers to
be able to update shoot notes from location, but right now I haven't got
the foggiest idea where to start. I'm familiar with all the XML family
(XPath, XLink, XInclude, XForms and so on), but only just getting into
Java and XSP development after a long time using Perl/DBI. I know what I
need to do, just not how to do it yet. Of course, if someone is already
working on the solution, it'd be nice to see it! :)

Talking of CMS, how exactly will Prowler fit into all of this. I grabbed
the JAR and I'm looking through things at the moment, but can this be
fitted into the "viewer" proposals somehow?


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