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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Cocoon2 and dynamic site maps
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:06:51 GMT
Jorg Bauer wrote:
> Thanks for all the feedback on my question. I fully agree with your
> views
> on flexibility vs. software complexity. The fact that I can use a custom
> sitemapper sounds like a good solution to my problem (I'll now have to
> start
> reading the Cocoon2 source).

Oh, don't bother. Most of what we said is not yet written in source
> One of the questions you guys had was 'Why do you need dynamic
> sitemaps?'
> I'll try and give a satisfactory answer:
> On the server side I am building a system that stores all its
> information
> in XML. The system receives all data updates as XML and provides all
> information as XML.
> On the client side, users want to see the information in a formatted
> way.
> Cocoon will transform the XML data into the format desired on the client
> side.
> The desired transformations vary substantially and depend on the context
> of
> the request.
> E.g.
> - who is the user
> - what browser / media (HTML, WAP, text) do they use
> - how do they want the information formatted (personal preferences)
> - what restrictions are imposed on them when viewing the data
> - date/time of request (e.g. during work I'm only allowed to see
> business
> news items)
> - physical location
> and many more.
> I guess the point I'm trying to get across is that there are scenarios
> in
> which many different factors determine the final transformation
> sequence.
> To try and capture these setups with a sitemap is difficult.

really? why? Instead of placing your logic into a dynamic sitemap
generator, why can't you place the same logic into a matcher?
> Jorg
> PS: What does FS stand for?

Flexibility Syndrome

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