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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: playing with cocoon2
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 11:08:42 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> Donald Ball wrote:
> > sure, absolutely, but if my objects are available through two different
> > URLspaces:
> >
> > /cocoon/photomontage/ for cocoon-processed
> > /static/photomontage/ for non-cocoon-processed
> >
> > writing the links to the static images in my stylesheet is going to be a
> > pain in the ass.
> Just struck me that existing sites are in for a URI maintenance nightmare.

yes, I've been aware of this issue for a long time...
> Assuming I have
> /static/photomontage/family/2000/overview
> which currently is an HTML file, but later on it is upgraded to a Cocoon served
> XML file.
> What happens?

I think you should do


and use Apache aliasing to redirect from the old location to the next
> a) The whole /static/ Location in Apache has to be served by Cocoon.

No, aliasing or <location> allows you to move only those who want... and
there is always mod_rewrite when you are in deep troubles.

> b) The Sitemap must be configured for each of those files to be processed. And the
> rest of the space for pass-thru.

You can't do this. You can't handle something back to Apache after the
sitemap has processed it. This unless Cocoon is not a servlet anymore
but it's implemented as a mod_cocoon directly (which might well happen
in the future for optimization reasons, expecially since Apache2 will
allow us to place a JVM right into the web server process and use JNI to
trigger Cocoon execution directly from a mod_cocoon).
> Quite a change of data flows through Cocoon's sitemap processing.
> Is there any other way to do this??

The best possible way is turning Cocoon into a web server (thru catalina
hooks) or into an Apache module.

As a servlet, we'll have tons of problems for these issues since you
will always be slower than specific solutions that don't require servlet

> Anyone understand how Location is processed in Apache Webserver in the .htaccess
> files?? Would it be possible to 'override' the httpd.conf setting for static
> serving in the .htaccess file in the ../2000/ directory???

Sure, you can pass them along to Cocoon.
> If that is possible, I believe it should be documented separately in the Cocoon
> docs - "How to slowly migrate to Cocoon."

Well, yeah, one of the thousands howtos we'll have to write....

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