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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Cocoon2 and Dynamic Site maps
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 00:43:58 GMT
Jorg Bauer wrote:
> I really like the concept of the site map where site managers can associate
> different pipelines to requested URIs.
> Will it be possible to configure the site map in a way that the pipeline
> specifications are created dynamically?

Talking about flexibility syndrome...
> I am thinking of a mechanism which would allow me to use a different
> pipeline with each request of a given URI. The pipe information (or
> pipe sections) could be obtained from a java class:
>   <process match="/press/en/*.pdf">
>     <dynapipe type="java">
>       <parameter name="class" value=""/>
>     </dynapipe>
>   </process>
> or through another HTTP request:
>   <process match="/some/path/">
>     <dynapipe type="HTTP">
>       <parameter name="URI" value="/pipe/"/>
>     </dynapipe
>   </process>

I would be against this for two reasons:

1) it breaks context separation: sitemap maintainers need not be

2) it doesn't add any functionality.

I'm totally sure for #1 but I might be missing some of your points for

Do you envivion something you can't do with the sitemap today that would
require that feature?

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