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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: SiteMap reloading
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 21:35:53 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> Hi,
> Just thought of something about the sitemap in Cocoon 2.
> While you are developing new material to publish with Cocoon, it will be
> difficult having a sitemap that does not re-load dynamically, because with
> Cocoon 2 we loose the naughty but flexible PI based pipeline creation, no?

Right. Look again, the Cocoon2 sitemap _does_ reload dynamically, even
today. But since this is kind of slow (expecially when you have several
cascaded sitemaps), we'll make it possible to turn this off for
production (if you care)
> About caching, will Cocoon 2 be smarter about actually re-loading all xsl
> or xml files that might have been changed, wherever they are in the chain?

This is the goal, but it will probably work only with Xerces since the
SAX API doesn't give us information on all the resources that were
touched to create a SAX stream and we don't want Xerces to cache the
stream itself.
> Is the new architecture better able to tell what has changed?

No, nothing changed on this side.

> This cache problem usually means with Cocoon 1.7.5 I am restarting my dev
> server every couple of minutes, not a situation I would recommend to work
> groups :)

No, of course, but this is a bug, not a design fault and can be fixed
with more careful coding... we just didn't want to spend time at that
since there are things that take the precedence.

Anyway, we must tell the Xerces people we need that feature... I'll do
this soon.

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