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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Battleplan?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 23:36:42 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:
> Ross Burton wrote:
> > > F) Documentation:
> > >    - Internal architecture description (basic concepts to allow other
> > >      implementors to understand how components should be developed)
> > >    - Installation HOWTO
> > >    - Sitemap HOWTO (can this be integrated into the Installation HOWTO?)
> > >    - XSP manual
> >
> > Well, we all hate docs so these can wait!  :-)
> After I help with the Avalon integration, I am planning on working on the
> API docs for the rest of the site.  I sent in some preliminary API docs to
> Avalon--but I'll probably be able to start in this area sometime during the
> next month.

> > We need to consider how Cocoon 2 can be used from other applications.  Kevin
> > Burton (no relation!) is interested in using Cocoon 2 in JetSpeed, so he can
> > throw some input in there.
> If we are going to incorposate Cocoon as an Avalon Block (as well as the
> servlet integration and command line integration), then we can use the
> Avalon code to specify the semantics.

I'm a little concerned on requiring an Avalon installation to install
Cocoon2... but if Catalina is installed with Avalon, Cocoon2
installation will be a piece of cake and we should aim to that.
> Anybody got some good Use-Cases? 

I plan to create a Cocoon Mailet interface for JAMES to use XML
publishing capabilities to process emails. Something like you send a
document attatched to your mail and if the schema is matched, it's
transformed with XSLT and the serialized is sent instead as attachment.

Maybe silly, I know, but B2B stuff might find it useful. You send the
XML data attatched to the mail, Cocoon "adapts" it to your internal
schema, another mailet places this into your database.

> How would Cocoon be used as an outside entity?

So far, I picture usage from

  - http
  - smtp
  - soap

and some wild cases like in "JAM" (Java Answering Machine) [a project
Pier started but never had time to continue... you can find pieces of it
under the whiteboard CVS module under java.apache] where VoiceML is
processed by Cocoon thru a voice recognition filter and thru the Java
serial interface directly to your modem or fax machine. But this could
be easily layered on top of HTTP as well, so consider this a special
HTTP case. The same could be said for SOAP.

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