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From Sieg du Preez <>
Subject Installing Cocoon on WebSphere 3.02
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 06:56:43 GMT
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
<font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>This is instructions of how
to install Cocoon on IBM WebSphere which some guys thought were good enough
to be used by the xml.apache team.</font></font>
<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>Well, here they are.&nbsp;
If you need me to add or change anything (maybe better quality images),
please let me know.</font></font>
<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>Regards</font></font>
<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>Sieg du Preez</font></font>
<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>--------------------------------------</font></font></center>

<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>You have to download Cocoon
and extract the cocoon, xerces, xanan and fop jar files. Cocoon itself
runs as a servlet.&nbsp; So, follow the instructions of how to add a servlet
to one of the web applications (like default_app) under WAS. Like this:</font></font>
<p><img SRC="" height=550 width=790>
<br><img SRC="" height=550 width=790>
<br><img SRC="" height=550 width=790>
<br><img SRC="" height=550 width=790>
<br><img SRC="" height=610 width=836>
<br><img SRC="" height=610 width=836>
<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>Now add the jar files to
the WAS classpath.&nbsp; Open the admin.config file, find the property</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;;...</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>and append to it this:</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>Restart WAS and try this
from your browser:</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<a href="http://localhost/Cocoon.xml">http://localhost/Cocoon.xml</a></font></font>
<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=-1>And hopefully you get something
like this:</font></font>
<p><img SRC="" height=805 width=965>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;</blockquote>

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