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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Is Apache Dead?
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2000 14:05:48 GMT
An interesting message-stream to get dumped into one's mailbox
in full spate.. and perhaps I'm out of line to speak up at all.
However, that rarely stops me. :-)

marc fleury wrote:
> As a small outfit on the far boarder of the empire we once asked
> to join the roman empire, we brought our riches, our territories our
> soldiers and our city to your senators.   Your senators voted
> unanimously yes... it was overrulled.

You persist in this egregious misunderstanding.  Why?  Nobody
overruled anyone; Brian opined that a little delay would be
better rather than (as you yourself put it) spreading ourselves
too thin right at that point in time.  Nothing was vetoed or

> 1- Don't assume everyone wants to join the "pax apache", word
> on the street is your web server is dead

Then you must live in a very interesting neighbourhood.  Possibly
on a different planet.

> 4- It's a 80/20 thing, the 80 percent you achieved is amazing
> don't assume you have nuked the field.  We will tell you that
> the fact is that the WEB OS is a reality that you are far from
> grasping.  The 20 left even in your domain is tough...

You seem to think our goal is, and should be, total domination --
which makes it painfully clear that you don't understand our
philosophy the least little bit.  It's simple and easy to snipe
and denigrate something you don't understand -- much easier
than taking the time effort to try to understand it.

Being suddenly exposed to this thread midstream, I can only
guess at what sort of escalation must have led to this vituperative
and uncomplimentary analogy.  However, it's your opinion, and I
agree with Voltaire. :-)
#ken    P-)}

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