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From "S. Champ" <>
Subject cocoon-docs : reproc.
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2000 22:31:27 GMT

trying to work on the cocoon-docs here. still. and hoping to receive some
responses, this time.

 and please CC: any responses, or they will stay in the "catchbin", where these
flood-of-an-info-set* posts have been going into, here.

1)  if anyone would care to help out with migrating the DTD +
whatever-else-does-it building of the Cocoon docs,

	namely:  writing some XSL style-sheets, and keeping the xml doc-sources in the
public distribution

	...then that needs to get done.  

the HTML doc-set-version is overwhelming, 

the documents _do_ need to be edited.

I _do not_ mean anything personal about that, but it's the truth.

I _will_ need to receive a better response from people, if I'm going to be doing
this editing.

if we're going to be helping folks to use XML, this needs to get done.

and a software-developer or a business-person is no less a worker than someone
on the factory-line.

2)  please cc: any replies

the second is in-case this interenet account gets disconnected.

if you do not cc: your reply to those addresses
	you will have wasted your time, and you will be wasting my time if I have to
dredge through the mailing-list flood to extract useful of the data.

-- s.c.

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