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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Comments on Resource Management in C2
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 14:12:45 GMT
Ross Burton wrote:
> > > Ross Burton, finally with a phone line after 10 days of waiting!
> > Don't tell me... I'm still waiting for my ADSL line to be activated...
> ADSL?  This will be interesting: how much do you pay, what is the bandwidth
> and how many users are there per "network".

Pay? nothing :) I'm famous enough to go around asking "is there anyone
who wants to pay me an ADSL line?" and actually get it...

No, serious, it's part of a deal with an italian startup I'm advising
for, so they are giving me for free an ADSL line. But I would cost me
about 80$/month for 640Kbit, static IP (I hope!).

Users? I'll probably the only one :)

No, serious, not many at all, but I've been told by some Telecom Italia
engineers I know the nation has enough fiber underground to substain
full ADSL (8Mbit!!) for almost every house... the problems, as usual
would be routing and paying for it :)

I used to say that Italy is a IT third world country... in fact we are
just late... but it results in faster and less expensive growths, given
than more industrialized countries (US, Japan) do the trial/error cycles
before us :)

And consider that Italy is probably the only nation where wireless
phones outnumber wired phones. This results in incredible profit for
telecos and lots of money to reinvest in infrastructures and R&D.

Pirelli built the first all-optical amplifier which has a bandwidth up
to 5 THz (yes, tera, that's right!) and I've seen terabits sent in a
single fibre using wavelength multiplexing. (remember I study
optoelectronics, so this is my original field :)

The bandwidth is there, we just have to go a few orders of magniture
faster in routing those packets and video streaming would be piece of

Well, in theory anyway :)

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