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From Demo User <>
Subject Re: Infozone
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 23:42:43 GMT
+1 for recognizing that EIPs are very important!  :)

-1 for the current implementation :(

For starters Jetspeed has been on the scene for a year already... 1.2 is
right around the corner.

I would rather the Ozone/Prowler team merge with the Jetspeed team.  We
are trying to do the same thing in certain ways.  This has already been
done with the pending iCalendar implementation, and PSML rework.

The other issue is the license.  We can't work with you in this
configuration... as Stefano pointed out.  Now there are three camps,
Jetspeed/Cocoon/Turbine, Proprietery solutions, and now Infozone :(

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> I'm thinking of using Prowler as CMS under Cocoon, of course.

Honestly I would rather thing of it as Cocoon -> Jetspeed|Prowler.

The interesting thing is that I am not sure how much Prowler applies...
in an OSS world.  Content syndication is very rare right now.... except
XMLTree.  Jetspeed has support for this in the Daemon package.  There is
a prototype plugin content subscription architecture in Jetspeed but I
don't see the need.  But then I am probably wrong as usual :)
> It would be awesome to be able to distribute such a thing together with
> Cocoon or Jetspeed, creating a sort of full-blown distribution.... but
> the license restrictions will force us to follow other ways.

Yeah... a full blown app server has been pending for a while :)
> Also, I would like to ask you (note: just personal curiosity!) why you
> felt the need to create yet another open source group instead of merging
> efforts with us or the FSF.

Just a rant... I have seen a lot of corporate OSS interest in creating
their own OSS projects/groups.  They get venture, want to do open source
and then have as their project umbrella.  IMO it is a VERY
bad idea.  We are already here, have a strong community, and have been
doing this for a while.  :)


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