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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: WAR file
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 18:31:52 GMT
David Duddleston wrote:
> > > > Right, don't start asking for polished things before even we have an
> > > > alpha release, ok? It makes it easier for everyone (anyway, help is
> > > > always appreciated)
> > >
> > > Right... but hey I was not asking but just suggesting ideas to
> > think about
> > > ;-)
> > >
> > > And yes, I can help out and make those changes if agreed on.
> > Just trying to
> > > help... really!
> >
> > Sorry, David, that was rude and I apologize.
> >
> > Anyway, the code is there, if you see something you don't like and feel
> > you can do it, I say, give it a go. All of us will love if more and more
> > people followed your example :)
> Thanks! I feel much more welcome now ;-)
> I'm slowly digging through the code trying to get an idea on how it all
> works, so hopefuly I will be able to contribute at some point. For now, I
> could help out on real easy stuff like helping Giacomo put together a WAR
> file. It would be so cool if we could get it to the point where no
> configuration was needed. Just drop the cocoon.war file in the Tomcat
> webapps dir, restart and there you go ;-) Of course there are several issues
> that need to be solved for this to happen, but we can at least try right ;-)

I'd seriously love to be able to do that.

I admit I'm still scared by the Cocoon installation myself, and this is
no good even if I tried to make it as simple as possible (in fact, you
can drop it in without changing the on most systems).

The problem is modifying all the other stuff...

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