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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Offer to help on Cocoon documentation
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 18:18:04 GMT
Pete Farmer wrote:
> [deletion happens]
> >
> > Do we post documentation changes/patches/additions here?  I want to get
> > involved with beefing up programmer oriented documentation / JavaDoc
> > improvements, and (of course) do not have privileges to update CVS
> > (or even an account).  How do we incorporate our work?
> good point. Is there a process in place? I don't know. I emailed Stefano
> some changes directly - but felt kind of guilty about it, since he
> obviously gets so much mail anyway.

As I've been elected as "Master of the Release Keys" ( ~:) you can send
me the diff to approve them (can you produce diffs, ie. cvs diff

> It seems that there are a couple of goals here, which I *think* are
> prioritized thus:
> 1) get as much documented as we can - I'm working of a earlier post where
> Stefano said 'urgently needed are HOWTOs, FAQ, etc' - which I believe
> still holds true, for the most part.


> 2) Cocoon should build its own docs. Which means currently that we focus
> on .html and .pdf output, using tools from within the project - eg FOP for
> the .pdf stuff, rather than older sgml tools.

Ehm, I don't know if Cocoon can build its own docs _now_?

> 3) Stefano seems keen to get the stuff in DocBook - meaning
> standard DocBook v4.0, which has just been released.

A question to Stefano: Do we replace Stylebook with DocBook?

> So, to apply the MDSOC paradigm, I'm keen to offer help in the "logic"
> box. Norman Walsh has thoughtfully (and stylishly) created DocBook for us,
> which takes care of the "style" box.
> I will happily markup whatever plain-text anyone sends me (or leaves in a
> repository), and, if you're interested, I'll do what I can to get Cocoon
> and FOP humming on your system, although there are dozens of better
> qualified people on this list to help you with this, if need be.
> Thanks,
> PEte Farmer


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