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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject What are the XSP design goals?
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 12:44:25 GMT
In the "WAR file" thread, there was a comment that we are not
trying to supply polished items in pre-alpha code.  As a result
of several projects I have been involved in with my job, I have
come to be a believer in the fact that it is easier to design early
for polish than to try and fit it in later.

Which is why I want a couple things included in the XSP design
goals -- which will give this framework some polish that it
would not otherwise have.  We all know that servlets should
be auto loaded on demand, it is one of the design goals of
servlets in the first place -- that way we can upgrade on the fly
without restarting the web server.

* XSP should be designed in such a way as to not require the
   cocoon.jar file or any other jar file to be located outside the
   WEB-INF directory.
* Required jars should be located in WEB-INF/lib and
   required classes should be located in WEB-INF/class so that
   the servlet engine pulls the classes itself.
* The results of XSP compilation should be located in the
   WEB-INF/class directory with no other choices -- otherwise
   it would defeat the first bullet.
* The compiler adapter classes can safely assume where all
   the necessary classes are for compilation (see bullet 2).
   Granted, tools.jar should be in the classpath but that should
   be taken care of anyway for Ant and Tomcat.

One of the biggest usability goals of Cocoon should be that
it is completely reload-able like a true servlet should be.
If these design goals cannot be met in this manner, than support
for XSP should be separated into a separate package that
would have to be installed in the classpath, allowing the rest
of cocoon to operate normally.

If these goals are technically infeasable, I would like to know
why.  That way, the same question doesn't get asked over and
over aggravating everyone on the list.

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