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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: WAR file
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 18:24:17 GMT
Giacomo Pati wrote:
> David Duddleston wrote:
> >
> > It worked good for me. Good job Giacomo!
> Thank you.
> >
> > It would be nice to automate things even a little more. We can take
> > advantage of ServletContext.getRealPath("cocoon.xconf") which should point
> > to the Web Application docBase and thus figure out the location of the
> > confige file without have to set it in the web.xml file. Also should fix it
> > so that cocoon.xconf can be located in the WEB-INF folder without throwing
> > everything off (separate issue).
> This goes somehow against the current sitemap proposal. As I've
> understood it the sitemap (or cocoon.xconf) must be in the root of the
> directory served by cocoon 2.

Well, I agree. But in this case, we need to make cocoon.xconf something
else. (Cocoon2 needs general configurations that are normally never
changed on a sitemap basis but they should not be compiled-in, core
things like logging and such).

Anyway, each sitemap should reside on the directory it describes (the
sitemap is metadata so should be local to the data it describes).

Of course, Cocoon will by default avoid serving the sitemap to clients
like regular XML files. You have to allow that explicitly (like you do
for Apache .htaccess files) .... but these are just implementation

> >
> > Also: Might want to add <load-on-start>... I added it
> Why?
> > Also: Should the war file be cocoon.war or cocoon2.war
> Yes, I thought about it and decided to use the same name as the jar
> file.

Since we are targetting Cocoon2 for Servlet 2.2, I think we should just
use WAR and forget about anything else.

What do you think?

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