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From Mike Pogue <>
Subject Re: Cocoon2, War files, Xerces and beyond
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 03:45:30 GMT
Just one quick comment on your provocative question:

I'm assuming that the API's you're talking about are the SAX 2 API's?

I believe that SAX 2 has gone Final at this point.  So, although I wouldn't
call the implementation "bug-free" (it hasn't been long enough in existence
to shake out all the bugs yet), it's probably safe to no longer call the SAX 2 API 

By the way, Sam, keep up the good work to get us closer together,
and reach the goal of total harmony!!  :-)

Mike wrote:
> Let me start with a provocative question: why does Cocoon 2, a product not
> quite in alpha stage just yet, depend on experimental SAX APIs which are
> not part of the standard and only present in xerces 1.0.3?
> I agree that Cocoon 1, a stable mature product that people depend on,
> should be rather conservative in what versions of dependent projects it is
> certified to run against, but Cocoon 2 at this stage should be more forward
> looking IMHO.
> A few more reasons to look forward:
>    Did you know that the next version of Tomcat will work with the next
>    version of Xerces?  In other words, there exists the possibility of
>    being able to run a complete system with only *one* XML parser?
>    Did you know that Mike Pogue, Scott Boag, myself and others are working
>    together to set things up so that compatibility between the various
>    projects in general, and Xerces and Xalan is verified at a minimum on a
>    daily basis?  In fact, I just checked and the current versions of Xerces
>    and Xalan will compile cleanly from CVS and together.  Note: I can
>    successfully include cocoon-1 in this, but I would much rather include
>    cocoon 2...
>    I'm pleased to see the evolution of Cocoon as a WAR file, and I see the
>    discussion about what to add to the installation instructions in order
>    to run with Tomcat.  I will gladly go one step further and commit the
>    necessary changes to the startup.bat and sh files to the Tomcat CVS
>    tree.  At a minimum, it could include the necessary changes commented
>    out.  Better yet, if the commands are of the form:
>      if exist %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\foo.jar set CLASSPATH=...
>    then this could be committed in an executable form.
> By the way, in the bottom of my previous post concerning the dependency on
> Xerces 1.0.3, I included a question: would anybody mind if I started
> changing both the build process and the code (if necessary) for Cocoon so
> that external packages such as rhino were optional?  If I don't hear any
> objections, I may get started on this this weekend.
> - Sam Ruby

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