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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon and Jetspeed
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 16:40:49 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: burtonator []
> Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 1:34 AM
> Yeah.  I agree.  But it would be nice if we could just think of the
> whole thing (filesystem or DB) as XML and then deal with it 
> that way.  I don't see why XML is involved.

Yep, as I understood, this is the goal of Prowler...

> > But I mean personalization-on-the-fly, not that I sometimes 
> change the
> > file and the _all_ users see these changes. What I mean is that the
> > content is customized for _each_ individual user by the means of XSP
> > page.
> Yes.  This will work.  The XSP app just creates a new XML document
> in-memory with castor and then writes it to disk.  Jetspeed is smart
> enough to realized that the file has changed.

Ah, I'm still not sure if you see my point, but I'll come back to this
at some later point in time. Actually, part of this I already brought up
in Jetspeed list (in "more customization features" thread).

> Well hopefully the ClearElement will be a valid document fragment (not
> the DOM DocumentFragment) and it can snap into an XML schema (with
> validation).  This is why it is important to pick the correct 
> mime-type.

mime-type? You lost me here... ;-(

> > The time delay is of course a problem, but I think we can influence
> > design of Cocoon 2 by taking the issue of integrating 
> > Jetspeed early in the process.
> Yeah.  I would agree.  If we do this it will probably be a while.  It
> would have to go up for vote.  It could be possible to have a snap-in
> cocoon implementation where you can select from Cocoon 1.7x or 2.0 but
> this might be kludgy.  Certainly at some point it will be a 
> requirement
> to halt Jetspeed development and assure that the Cocoon 2.0 
> development
> goes well.  I can't say when this will be though.

we'll see... as you said, hopefully sooner than later ;-)

> > well, but for this you would have to re-parse the CDATA sections...
> yes.  True.  But in some situations they might not be parsed in the
> first place.  Ex if you were to use Webmacro to write XML 
> this wouldn't
> be validated while it was produced so you wouldn't see a performance
> hit.


> > Yes, that could be an issue... Then you would have to give 
> the user a
> > _serious_ warning that this can be major security hole and that he
> > should only use portlets from trusted sources.
> If we do a URI provider mechanism.  Then maybe remote 
> portlets could be
> done.  I am still -1 because you can do this with with the JVM.

you lost me here again... URI provider mechanism? doing it with JVM?


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