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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject RE: one more sitemap idea
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 15:36:56 GMT

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> From: Berin Loritsch []
> Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2000 5:12 PM


> We could also go hog wild with a complete i18n and l10n 
> implementation...

I'm not familiar with i18n and l10n, although the terms keep popping up
constatly. Can someone make a sort explanation of these?

> But, if we want to keep it simple (+500000 on that), your 
> second suggestion
> will probably be the best.  I'm not sure what the advantage 
> of using the
> xml:lang attribute would be here.  It adds unnecessary 
> verbosity and doesn't
> add any known benefit.

well, I was thinking of it as an aid for the sitemap admin and sitemap
authoring tools...

> If your purpose was to pass the attribute to your stylesheet, then we
> probably
> ought to have a way to add parameters to the request.  Something like:
> <request-parameter name="xml:lang" value="en"/>, but you 
> could also do that
> in the URL itself.

I didn't think that far, but this makes perfect sense... So I don't need
a some silly querystring variable to determine the language... I just
type the URL in that language and get what I need... Whoa, I love this
solution ;-)

> Here's a crazy thought--feel free to shout it down--XSLT has 
> a mechanism
> to create attribute groups that you can apply in multiple 
> spots in your
> stylesheet.

"attribute group"? Can you explain the concept a little bit more? (I
probably should go to W3C site and update my knowledge about the latest
X* standards...)

> If Sitemap had a way of specifing an <process> inheritance 
> heirarchy, your example would be restated like this:
> <process uri="user/add" name="add-user">
>   <!-- your processing tree here -->
> </process>
> <process uri="kasutaja/lisa" extends="add-user">
>   <!-- Anything specified here overrides the root description -->
> </process>
> <!-- for simple aliases, you would have an entry like this: -->
> <process uri="usador/insertar" extends="add-user"/>
> Will this be insane or what?

well, yes... this could be a solution... 
how would you add the language parameter then? Something like this?

<process uri="user/add" name="add-user">
  <request-parameter name="lang" value="en"/>
  <!-- your processing tree here -->
<process uri="kasutaja/lisa" extends="add-user">
  <request-parameter name="lang" value="ee"/>
<process uri="usador/insertar" extends="add-user">
  <request-parameter name="lang" value="{what language is that, looks
like spanish or something?}"/>

Not sure about the implementation, though ;-)

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